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Successful Balanced Scorecard Example

April 20th, 2012



Balanced Scorecard is a performance and management tool which can help the managers keep track of their staff’s activities and their results. It is widely ill-used in various sectors of the industry in different organizations starting from government, business and even by NGOs. It helps whichever organization using it to strategically plan its vision to bring it to implementation. It gives not only the financial aspects of the organization but also early non financial aspects. When designed a balanced scorecard, you can identify financial and non financial aspects of an organization and attach target to each of them which tinned be reviewed by the managers to see the performance of each and can pay attention to areas where it doesn’t meet expectations.

There are various balanced scorecard examples available in the internet of companies or organizations which have succeeded very much after implementing Balanced Scorecards.

But since it contains strategies and targets and various aspects of companies or organizations, it is protected by proprietary license and cannot be shared by some of the commercial companies. But many of the government establishments with success stories will not have such restrictions of proprietary license and tinned share their balanced scorecard example. There are such balanced scorecards of sure government establishments such as Defense Financial Accounting Service , Federal Aviation Administration Logistics Center, Department of Energy Federal Procurement System, Department of Energy Federal Personal Property Management Program and even a general strategy map example of the government, readily available in the internet. Some of the Non Profit Organization also will not have a problem in shared their successful balanced scorecards and some of them are available. There are some generic balanced scorecard examples of certain sector of the industry like airline industry or credit card industry also available. Even though these cannot be directly implemented in your organization, it can serve as a guideline.



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